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America's Strongest Man
Arnold Strongman Brasil
Arnold Strongman Classic
AUS International Bodybuilding Championships
Australian National Natural Titles
Australian Natural Championships
BC Provincial Championships
Big Sky Championships
Bigman Pro
BMR Grand Prix
British Amateur
Bros V Pros 19 Macau, China
Bros vs Pros 20
Bros vs Pros 23 - Otom Gym, Brooklyn, NY
Bros vs Pros 24 - Shirley, NY
Bros vs Pros 25 Diamond Gym - Maplewood, NJ.
Bros vs Pros 27
Bros vs. Pros 22 Diamond Gym - Maplewood, NJ.
CBBF Canadian Masters Nationals
CBBF Canadian National Championships
Ergebnisse Deutsche Jugendmeisterschaft
Ergebnisse WM Qualifikation in Giessen
Figure - Masters OA
FLEX Bikini Model Search
Florida Grand Prix
German Nationals
Giants Live Melbourne
IFBB International Austrian Cup
IFBB Amateur Euro Cup
IFBB Amateur Olympia Mexico
IFBB Amateur Olympia Prague
IFBB Arnold Amateur
IFBB Arnold Amateur Brasil
IFBB Arnold Australia
IFBB Arnold Brasil
IFBB Arnold Classic
IFBB Arnold Classic Asia
IFBB Arnold Europe
IFBB Atlantic City Pro
IFBB Australasia Championships
IFBB Australia Grand Prix
IFBB Australian Amateur Grand Prix & Pro Qualifier
IFBB Australian Nationals
IFBB Austria Cup
IFBB Baden-Wuerttermberg Championships
IFBB Battle on the Beach
IFBB Body-Xtreme 3B - Big Boyz Battle
IFBB Bodypower
IFBB Border States
IFBB British Grand Prix
IFBB California Pro Figure
IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic
IFBB Desert Muscle Classic
IFBB Dubai Pro
IFBB Emerald Cup Championship
IFBB Europa Atlantic City Pro
IFBB Europa Battle Of Champions
IFBB Europa Games Charlotte
IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro
IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando
IFBB Europa Super Show
IFBB Felicia Romero
IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro
IFBB FIBO Power Pro Germany
IFBB FitParade Grand Prix
IFBB Fort Lauderdale Pro
IFBB German Newcomer & Heavyweight Cup
IFBB German Newcomer Cup
IFBB Goldentimes Asian Pro
IFBB Governors Cup
IFBB Grand Prix Los Angeles
IFBB Grand Prix Pro Fitness House
IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro
IFBB Houston Pro
IFBB Int'l Bayerische Meisterschaft
IFBB Iowa Pro
IFBB Jacksonville Pro
IFBB John Simmons Pro
IFBB Kentucky Pro
IFBB Kevin Levrone Classic
IFBB Kuwait Pro
IFBB Los Angeles Grand Prix Bikini
IFBB Masters Olympia
IFBB Masters Pro World
IFBB Miami Muscle Beach
IFBB Mile High Pro
IFBB Mr Europe Pro
IFBB Muscle Contest
IFBB Muscle Heat
IFBB Naples Pro
IFBB New York Pro
IFBB New Zealand Pro
IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships
IFBB Nordic Pro
IFBB North American Championships
IFBB North German Championships
IFBB North Rhine Westphalia Championships
IFBB NY City Pro Fitness
IFBB NY Pro Figure
IFBB Olympia
IFBB Olympia Europe Pro
IFBB Omaha Pro
IFBB Optimum Pro
IFBB Orange County Muscle Classic
IFBB Orange County Pro Bikini Championships
IFBB Pacific USA
IFBB Phoenix Pro
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro
IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Masters
IFBB Powerhouse Pro
IFBB Prague Pro
IFBB Precision Fit Body
IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup
IFBB Pro Wheelchair Championships
IFBB Sacramento Pro
IFBB San Marino Pro
IFBB Sheru Classic
IFBB Southern California Bikini
IFBB St Louis Pro Bikini
IFBB St Louis Pro Figure & Bikini
IFBB Starter Sieger
IFBB Swiss Nationals
IFBB Tahoe Pro
IFBB Tampa Pro
IFBB Texas Shredderbuilt Pro
IFBB Tijuana Pro
IFBB Titans Grand Prix
IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow
IFBB Tournament of Champions
IFBB Valenti Gold Cup
IFBB Victorian Championships
IFBB Victorian Championships
IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro
IFBB Wings of Strength Puerto Rico Pro
IFBB Wings of Strength Tampa Pro
IFBB Womens World Championships/Mens Fitness
International Bavarian Championships
International Franconian Championships
International German Championship‏
International Masters Cup
International Muscle Games
International Sports Hall of Fame - Arnold Classic
Iron Asylum Australia Behind the Scenes
Kalamazoo Bodybuilding Championship
Midwest Muscle Classic
Missoula Montana
Natural Brisbane Classic
Natural Newcastle Classic
Novice Michigan
NPC Midwest Open and Iowa State Championships
NPC 2010 Oklahoma Championships
NPC Adela Garcia Classic
NPC Alabama State Championships
NPC Alaska State Championships
NPC All South
NPC All Women's Weekend/Big Shott Classic
NPC Arkansas State
NPC Armbrust Warrior Classic
NPC Atlanta
NPC Atlantic City
NPC Atlantic Coast Classic
NPC Atlantic States
NPC Atlantic USA
NPC Badger State Championship
NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championships
NPC Battle of the Bodies
NPC Battle on the Beach
NPC Battle on the Bluff
NPC Battle on the Coast
NPC Bayou Muscle Contest
NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Championships
NPC Big Cat Classic
NPC Big Shott Classic
NPC Big Sky Championships
NPC Bill Grant Classic
NPC Bill Pearl High Desert Classic
NPC Bill Wilmore Classic
NPC Black Gold Classic
NPC Bluegrass Muscle Classic
NPC BodyBE1 Classic
NPC Border States
NPC Branch Warren Classic
NPC Brandywine Cup Championships
NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix
NPC California State
NPC Camellia Championships
NPC Capital City Natural
NPC Capital of Texas Roundup
NPC Central States
NPC Central Texas Showdown
NPC Central Valley Classic
NPC Charlotte Cup
NPC Circle City Championships
NPC Citrus Cup
NPC Clash at the Capstone
NPC Collegiate Nationals
NPC Colorado Mile High Natural
NPC Colorado State
NPC Colorado Steel City
NPC Connecticut State Championships
NPC Continental Championships
NPC Crystal Cup
NPC CT Grand Prix
NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic
NPC Daytona Classic
NPC Delaware State
NPC Denver Championships
NPC Detroit Grand Prix
NPC Dexter Jackson Classic
NPC Dexter Jackson Memphis Classic
NPC Diamond Classic
NPC Duel of Champions
NPC East Coast Championships
NPC East Tennessee
NPC Eastern Seaboard
NPC Eastern USA
NPC EFX Big Sky Championships
NPC Elite Muscle Classic
NPC Emerald Cup
NPC Empire Classic
NPC Empire States
NPC Europa Battle of Champions
NPC Europa Phoenix
NPC Europa Show of Champions
NPC Europa Super Show
NPC Excalibur
NPC Ferrigno Legacy
NPC FL Gold Cup
NPC Flex Lewis Classic
NPC Flint/Mid-Michigan
NPC Florida State
NPC Fort Lauderdale Championships
NPC Fox Cities Showdown
NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup
NPC Ft. Wayne Flex
NPC Galaxy Championship
NPC Garden State
NPC Georgia
NPC GNC Natural Colorado Open Championships
NPC Gold Coast
NPC Golds Classic
NPC Grand Prix Natural
NPC Grand Rapids
NPC Great Lakes Championships
NPC Great Lakes Ironman
NPC Greater Gulf States
NPC Gulf Coast
NPC Gulf to Bay/All Forces
NPC Heart of Alaska
NPC Heart of Texas
NPC Heartland Classic
NPC Houston
NPC Hurricane/Typhoon Bay
NPC Hurricane/Typhoon Bay
NPC Illinois State Championships
NPC Infinity Fit Championships
NPC Iowa Battle of Champions
NPC Iowa State Championship
NPC Iron Man Naturally
NPC Iron Mountain Championships
NPC Iron Viking of the North
NPC Jason Arntz Jersey Shore
NPC Jax Physique
NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic
NPC Jay Cutler Classic
NPC Jay Cutler Desert Classic
NPC Jay Cutler Wyoming Classic
NPC John Kemper Classic Championships
NPC John Simmons
NPC John Simmons/Jennifer Peckham
NPC Jr. Nationals
NPC Julie Palmer
NPC Kalamazoo
NPC Kentucky
NPC Kentucky Derby
NPC Kentucky Muscle
NPC Kentucky State
NPC Lackland Classic
NPC Lansing Grand Prix
NPC Las Vegas Classic
NPC Lee Haney Classic
NPC Lehigh Valley Championships
NPC Lone Star Classic
NPC Long Island Championships
NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic
NPC Masters Nationals
NPC Max Muscle Classic
NPC MaxMuscle Vancouver Natural
NPC Miami Classic
NPC Miami Muscle Beach
NPC Michigan Championships
NPC Michigan Novice
NPC Michigan State
NPC Mid Atlantic Championships
NPC Mid Florida Classic
NPC Mid-Illinois Championships
NPC Midnight Sun Classic
NPC Midwest Challenge
NPC Midwest Championship
NPC Midwest Ironman
NPC Midwest Natural
NPC Midwest Open
NPC Mike Francois Classic
NPC Mile High Championships
NPC Minnesota State
NPC Missouri State Championships
NPC Montanari Bros East Coast Cup
NPC Montanari Bros Powerhouse Classic
NPC Mr Puerto Rico Novice
NPC Mr. Baha Nacional
NPC Muscle Beach
NPC Muscle City Classic
NPC Muscle Heat Championships
NPC Muscle Mayhem
NPC Naples-Bonita Classic
NPC Nationals
NPC Natural Circle City Championships
NPC Natural Colorado
NPC Natural Eastern USA
NPC Natural Indiana
NPC Natural Indianapolis
NPC Natural Michigan / Nicole Wilkins Classic
NPC Natural Mid States Muscle Classic
NPC Natural Northern Michigan
NPC Natural Northern USA
NPC Natural Ohio
NPC Natural Outlaw
NPC Natural PA
NPC Natural Western USA
NPC Nebraska State Championships
NPC Nevada State
NPC New England Championships
NPC New Hampshire States
NPC New Jersey Golds Classic
NPC New Jersey State Championship
NPC New Jersey Tri State
NPC New Mexico State
NPC New York State Grand Prix
NPC Night of the Champions
NPC NJ Mid Atlantic Natural
NPC NJ Muscle Beach
NPC NJ State Championships
NPC NJ Suburban Championships
NPC North Carolina Golds Classic
NPC North Carolina State
NPC North German Championships
NPC North Star
NPC Northcoast Championships
NPC Northeast Grand Prix
NPC Northeast Summer Classic
NPC Northern Classic
NPC Northern Colorado Championships
NPC Northern Kentucky
NPC Northwest Championships
NPC Novice Michigan
NPC NW Night of Champions
NPC Ohio State Championships
NPC Oklahoma Championships
NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix
NPC Oklahoma Showdown of Champions
NPC Optimum Classic
NPC Orange County Muscle Classic
NPC Oregon State
NPC Orlando Metropolitan
NPC Palmetto Cup
NPC Pennsylvania State Championships
NPC Phil Heath Classic
NPC Philadelphia Championships/Tracey Greenwood Classic
NPC Pittsburgh Championships
NPC Powerhouse Classic
NPC Powershack Classic
NPC Prestige Crystal Cup
NPC Progress & Pride Classic
NPC Puerto Rico
NPC Red River Classic
NPC Red Stick Classic
NPC Rhode Island
NPC Rock Fitness Extravaganza
NPC Rocky Mountain
NPC Ron Love Classic
NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic
NPC Royal Palm Classic
NPC Ruby Championship
NPC Rx Muscle Classic Championships
NPC Sacramento
NPC San Diego
NPC San Jose
NPC Seminole Classic
NPC Shawn Ray Baltimore Washington Grand Prix
NPC Shawn Ray Classic
NPC South Beach Classic
NPC South Colorado & Armed Forces
NPC South Florida
NPC South Jersey Championships
NPC South Texas Classic Regionals
NPC Southeast Classic
NPC Southeastern USA
NPC Southern Classic
NPC Southern Indiana
NPC Southern Kentucky
NPC Southern States
NPC Southwest Michigan
NPC Steel City
NPC Steel World
NPC Steve Stone NY Metropolitans
NPC Stewart Fitness Championships
NPC Suburban
NPC Sunset Classic
NPC Sunshine Classic
NPC Sunshine Classic, Wheelchairs National, CJ Classic
NPC Sunshine Classic/Wheelchair Nationals
NPC Tahoe Show
NPC Team Universe
NPC Teen Nationals
NPC Terminator
NPC Texas Shredder Classic
NPC Texas State
NPC Texas State Naturals
NPC Tim Gardner Chicago Extravaganza
NPC Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza
NPC Titan Open Bodybuilding Championships
NPC Total Body Championships
NPC Tracey Greenwood Classic
NPC Treasure Coast
NPC Tri State Championships
NPC Tricky Jackson
NPC Upstate Classic
NPC USA Coastal
NPC Utah State Championships
NPC Valenti Gold Cup
NPC Vancouver
NPC Vancouver USA Natural & Tanji Johnson
NPC Victory Classic
NPC Vulcan Classic
NPC Warrior Classic
NPC Washington Ironman
NPC Washington State Championships
NPC Washington State Open
NPC West Coast Classic
NPC West Palm Beach & Anna Level
NPC West Texas Classic
NPC West Virginia State Mid Atlantic Grand Prix
NPC Western Michigan
NPC Western Regional
NPC Winter Classic
NPC Wisconsin Fox Cities Showdown
NPC Wisconsin State Championships
NPC Wisconsin State Championships
NPC XCalibur Cup
NPC Yellowstone Classic
Oklahoma City Grand Prix
Orlando Europa Strongman
PCS Championship
Perth Fitness Expo Natural titles
Perth Natural Classic
Rx Muscle Model Search
Saint Maarten
Southern Hemisphere Championships
Southern Pacific Championships (W.A.)
Sydney Natural Physique Championships
Tasmanian Natural Bodybuilding Championships
Tasmanian State Championships
Total Package
Vancouver Pro
World Classic Championship & World Cup
World German Championships